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Forming a Run England Group

Love to run? Could you inspire beginners and people new to running?

Whether you want to lead a group that is based in your community or workplace, it is possible to create a Run England group.  You could organise it from a leisure centre, via an existing community organisation, or with a running or athletics club.

All Run England groups must be led by qualified leaders with a valid coaching licence.  Most of our leaders have taken the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification which focusses specifically on how to lead a group of beginners or recreational runners. Others have another UKA recognised coaching qualification. All must have an up to date DBS (formerly CRB) check for their licence to be valid.

Remember: It is enthusiasm and a desire to support others that counts - not your own running ability! In fact many beginners prefer to take their first steps with people they know can relate to them.

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How to create a group

  1. Have an enthusiasm for running and a desire to help beginners to get involved in the sport you love
  2. Get a valid and current UKA recognised licence to lead a group. This is usually done by taking the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and then completing the DBS check to receive a licence
  3. Register your group by supplying the details online. Click here to register your group (please do not do this until you have received your licence)
  4. After we have checked your licence is valid and current we will then register your group and its details on our group finder map.
  5. You can then enjoy the benefits of being a registered group and leader

Who creates groups?

Many people create Run England running groups for a variety of reasons:

  1. Individuals with a love of running that they want to share their enjoyment with others
  2. Community based organisations who see the benefits in getting people fit, active and enjoying themselves through running
  3. Employers who wish to make provision for their employees
  4. Running and athletics clubs who want to make specific 'beginner friendly' provision for people in their area
  5. Anyone else who sees the benefits and enjoyment that running brings!


There are no fees payable to Run England for being a registered group, either by yourself or your group members.

Your group's pricing structure and where that money goes is entirely at your discretion (well, as long as it is nothing illegal or that will see your friendly neighbourhood tax man chasing after you?!).


Register your group

Just sign your group up online to enjoy the benefits of being a Run England registered group. It's free. That's right, you pay nothing.