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Leadership in Running Fitness - it could be you

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group leader urbanWould you love to get more of your friends running? Perhaps you already take a running group for a club and want to help them improve? Maybe a few of you at work run at lunchtime but you would like to make your training more enjoyable and purposeful. The Leadership in Running Fitness course is designed for people just like you!

Once qualified, you'll will have the skills and insurance needed to deliver fun and safe sessions to groups of runners with different abilities, including new runners and those who already run but want to progress.

You will also be able to register your running group, whatever form it takes, as an Official Run England Group.

The Leadership in Running Fitness course

The Leadership in Running Fitness course addresses barriers to participation in running finding ways of appealing to those not traditionally attracted to running clubs. On the course you will receive your DBS form and will then be able to apply for a DBS check with UK Athletics. Please then follow the DBS Process. Once you've completed the course and received DBS clearance from UK Athletics you will be able to run your group as an Official Run England Group.

Become an Official Run England Group

General groupOnce you have your licence and are willing to undertake to keep it up to date and follow a few simple guidelines you can register your group so it can become an official Run England Group. You will still have freedom and flexibility in how you run the group, but will gain official Run England recognition (Run England is an England Athletics project). To find out more click here.

How to sign up

To find a Leadership in Running Fitness course near you please click here.

What do I learn on a Leadership in Running Fitness course?

  • Looking at barriers to running and how to overcome those barriers
  • How to develop a session & session components including risk assessment, safety, goals and reviewing practice
  • Managing your group to include all abilities
  • Session planning, different activities to include, importance of variety
  • Goal setting – How to set and use personal goals
  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Correct stretching for running
  • Common injuries and injury prevention
  • Footwear – the basics
  • Being a leader – what's expected of you

Online bookings of courses

In response to demand from people attending our courses England Athletics and British Athletics are working to bring in a new online booking system for our Coaching and Leadership Courses. This will include the Leadership in Running Fitness and Coach in Running Fitness qualifications.

As we work to pilot this new system you will see some of the courses listed in the courses section at having a link to a page at where online bookings for the courses can be made. This pilot works follows initial testing and the system also being used for a number of coaching conferences

Eventually all coaching courses will be listed and available for online booking at

You can visit our page at to find out full information on how you will be able to use the new uLearn website at

How to become a group leader - sign language and subtitles:

The Leadership in Running Fitness courses

The Leadership in Running Fitness course is specially designed to help you become a group leader. See the links below for more information and the Leader's sign up form.